Apr 16, 2012

Day 91 - STOP KONY 2012 - charity bracelet

This bracelet symbolizes our hope for change and your charitable donation to Invisible Children. For each bracelet sold, USD$5 will be donated to Invisible Children.這條手鍊象徵著打倒KONY的一個希望,對於每個售出手鍊將捐獻給看不見的兒童NT150元

Thank you for your contribution. Knowledge is power.

Joseph Kony - a horrible human being who abducts children from their homes and forces them to be part of the L.R.A. to commit horrendous acts of violence on people. The boys are forced into the army while the girls are forced to be sex slaves.This year, 2012, is our year to make a change and help change the lives of the children in Uganda. We must raise awareness in order to have justice.
Joseph Kony是世界罪大惡極的壞蛋,他綁架小孩強迫進入LRA軍隊,並強行擄獲女孩逼她們當性奴隸。今年2012年,我們團結幫助改變在烏干達兒童的生命的時刻我們必須提高警覺意識,伸張正義!!

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