Ship Worldwide!! Packages are shipped with in 1-3 business days using USPS First Class.
Worldwide Shipping will take between 7 - 14 days(not include weekend and holidays) to arrive. Please be advised that I am NOT responsible for lost, delayed or stolen items. Any customs duties, taxes, fees, etc that are charged upon delivery are your responsibility and are not reflected in my shipping charges. Thank you. Contact me.

根據目的地不同,而有不同送達工作天數,大致上寄出後約 7 - 14個工作天內送達 (不含週六日及國定假日)
皆由美國透過USPS(美國郵政系統)以first class air mail(航空平信郵件)寄出,追蹤碼會是LCXXXXXXXXXUS,這個追蹤碼僅可查詢郵件在美國境內的動向,一但出美國境內將無法在台灣郵政系統查詢,這是台灣郵政無法提供的服務。一但商品出境我方將無法追蹤郵件,但可以告知您郵件出境地點以及日期。謝謝!如有問題請聯絡我

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