May 8, 2013

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Rutger Hauer and Sil van der Woerd Create Film as Gift for Sea Shepherd

Requiem 2019- a short film denouncing whaling
Dutch actor and Sea Shepherd board member Rutger Hauer and filmmaker Sil van der Woerd have joined forces to create a moving short film denouncing whaling. The film, Requiem 2019, premiered during the Playgrounds Audiovisual Arts Festival in Amsterdam on November 20, 2012 and debuts online today. Requiem 2019 is a unique co-production between Rutger Hauer and the sculptor/filmmaker Sil van der Woerd. Through a blend of fiction, animation, and music the film chronicles the last whale on earth coming face-to-face with the source of its destruction- man, in the shape of actor Rutger Hauer. (via Sea Shepherd)

Rutger Hauer 和 Sil van der Woerd 送給 Sea Shepherd的禮物

荷蘭演員兼海洋守護者協會董事會成員Rutger Hauer和電影製片人Sil van der Woerd 聯手打造一部譴責捕鯨的短片- 安魂曲 2019,11月20日在阿姆斯特丹藝術節播映,2012年在網上首度亮相。 「安魂曲2019」來自獨特的藝術領域結合。Rutger Hauer和雕塑家/電影製片人Sil van der Woerd的合作產生。透過科幻動畫和音樂的交融記敘了未來地球上最後的一隻鯨魚和其毀滅者-人類(由演員魯特格爾哈爾飾)的面對面接觸。(via Sea Shepherd, Fyn 翻譯)

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