Oct 19, 2011


 It all began ...
when my sister sent me a link of the UNIFORM PROJECT, a story about a girl who determined to wear the same dress for 365 days straight  and make it look unique every single day! It's a fundraiser to send kids to school in India. What a brilliant idea! I was so inspired and touched that I knew I had to do something meaningful like that. I love to hand make fashion stuffs, so why not DIY a fashion crafts everyday and sell it? Yes, I want to do a 365 day project -- making a craft each day to sell. Once you purchase the daily craft, 50% will be donated to the cause of the month. Expanding the spirit of handcraft, individual styling and creative fundraising. Cause of  Nov will be WWF (because I love big cats and polar bears) If you have a CAUSE in mind, please let me know, so we can help them together. As for the remaining 50% of your purchase, I have to say "Thank you." You fund the project to be able to continually build. Also, if time permits, I'll post a tutorial of the daily craft. Now join me, be hand crafty, be stylish.

這是一個持續365天的工藝公益計畫 ,每天一個手工藝,一個希望,也是一個動力。
始於有一天大姊傳了Uniform Project 影片給我看,內心深受啟發,多麼有意義的活動! 我也想要透過每日手作來與世界互動 ,讓每個人都有機會行善又活得時尚! [365手工藝X首公益] 於是乎產生。每天一個手作品(主要以時尚配件為主),手公益 賣出所得50%將會捐給當月捐贈對象,如11月捐贈對象為世界自然基金會WWF (因為北極熊和大貓需要你 ) 月底30號將會一次性把錢轉帳他們。(如果你也有想要幫助的團體,請告訴我。) 其餘的50%,感謝您,幫助本計畫能繼續維持下去 !  (並且如果當日時間許可,將會一併分享製作教學,有興趣的人兒一同享受動手做手公益的樂趣吧。)

Once you purchase the daily craft, 50% will be donated to


international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization

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