Jan 3, 2012

DECEMBER donation::TW Breast Cancer Foundation::NTD$2505

感謝大家的支持,這是每個人貢獻一點點愛心累積起來的成果,很開心越來越多人響應這個活動,這份愛將會回饋到每個你愛的人與愛你的人身上 :)

Thank you all, everyone who ever supports [ 365 craft X CHARITY]. Today we have the ability to help people, this love will pass on to people who we love and people who loves us. Thank you.

讓12月的捐款高達 NTD$ 2505

Jazz 目前為馬來西亞知名潮牌 BANGHOUX 創始人與設計師
"About desire of bodyline, do not ashamed of your desires. We are healthy human being.

我很欣賞他們的想像力創造力和實踐能力 (都SOLD OUT 了~多搶手啊~連黃子佼都搶著收藏呢)

Once you purchase the daily craft, 50% will be donated to


international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization

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